Norwegian foodfestival

Who are we?

Sørlandets matfestival, in english version called Norwegian foodfestival, was created August 2018. 

In July 2019, Sørlandets matfestival was a fact, with over 17 000 visitors to the festival. It is now a tradition every year the second weekend in July in the capital of the south of Norway, Kristiansand. 

Sørlandets matfestival, is a foodfestival in the center of Kristiansand, a marketplace with focus om local food, norwegian traditions, as well as international food. 

You can taste anything from norwegian salmon, baked goods, cheeses, cured meats, homemade norwegian chocolate, local beer,local Gin all kind of street food and a lot more. On our market you can buy products you can take home and enjoy. All over the festival have more than 80 exhibitors who will give you an incredible experience of all the tastes you can imagine.

In addition to food, the festival brings an atmosphere of good music, Chili- and BBQ competitions, events for children and many more.

The entrence is free of charge.  

The 11th to 13th of July 2024 we look forward to welcome you as a visitor for our festival and show you our beautiful south part of Norway. 

A Norwegian


11.- 13.July 2024


- a taste of Norway

A culinary journey from the mountains to the sea

Local beer & Gin

We have gathered all of the best produsers of local beer and Gin in our festival. This is a place where you can taste and enjoy good beer and Gin on the norwegian foodfestival,  Sørlandets matfestival.

Our partners

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Memories from 2019

In 2019 we had 17 000 visitors, and after Covid we had 30.000 visitors in 2023. The foodfestival is a place for children as well as grown ups. 

Norwegian salmon, cheeses, bakery goods, cured meats, homemade norwegian chocolate, gelato icecream and a whole lot more.

We look forward to welcome you 11.-13.July 2024.